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IWC Essay Contest “By not cheating on my Chemistry Final I was able to keep that memory with me, and turned that experience into $1,000, by finding a foundation that rewards students with integrity.”

Mandy Mihu

IWC Essay Contest Winner & Scholarship Recipient

April 2008
IWC Basketball Shot Log

1.  Shoot 25 Free Throws and/or 3-Point Shots  

2.  Login to your free IWC Basketball Shot Log and record how many you made  

3.  See where you rank among your peers locally and nationally
IWC Activities IWC has built relationships with several NBA, MLB, and NFL organizations across the country who endorse our message.  We have given away thousands of sporting tickets to our participants.  This would not be possible without the help of those professional organizations who have embraced our message to youth.  With their donations, we’ve been able to reward many who ‘make a pledge’ to do things the right way.
IWC Camps IWC summer camps are filled with excursions that teach kids the value of character and integrity in all aspects of life.  We use physical fitness as the vehicle to teach these much needed lessons.  IWC’s trusted staff delivers the curriculum in a fun and engaging manner.  Each camp is carefully planned so we ensure to make the most of our time.  Guest speakers range from local to professional sports players and coaches.

“I understand that the choice to cheat is always available whether you’re playing sports, working in business or taking a test in school.  Our message takes an ethics-based approach to help kids make good decisions.  We are getting kids to pledge that they won’t cheat in sports, school and life.”

Dale Murphy, 2-time NL MVP, and Founder, ‘I Won’t Cheat’ Foundation
Elementary School Field Days IWC visits elementary schools across the country to promote the message of “Character Matters Most.”  Statistics show that cheating in school is at an all-time high.  IWC teaches lessons by students taking part in physical, character building activities.  Each student receives their free copy of our “Character Matters Most” booklet, which contains the ‘I Won’t Cheat’ Curriculum for them to read through with their teachers, classmates, and parents.
Little League Partnership In August 2008, Little League International officially announced its partnership with the ‘I Won’t Cheat!’ Foundation at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.  All 16 teams wore the ‘I Won’t Cheat!’ patch on their uniforms in conjunction with Little League Baseball and Softball’s support of this initiative.   “Little League is pleased to support a program that places a higher value on the health and success of children than on wins and losses.”   Stephen D. Keener, President & CEO, Little League Baseball & Softball   Today, Little Leaguers from all over the world wear the ‘I Won’t Cheat!’ patch to help promote this message to youth.

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